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            Senator Elisha Abbo Suspended

The Senator representing the good people of Adamawa North in the red chambers Senator Elisha Abbo is awaiting the court’s final verdict prior to his assault on a pregnant woman.

The embattled Senator Abbo appeared for the first time before the magistrate court sitting in Zuba, Abuja.

The Presiding Magistrate on Monday, gave an order to Police to provide all necessary evidence to be used in the trial of Sen. Elisha Abbo.

Now let’s get back to the title, why is Senator Elisha Ishiaku Abbo still remaining in the red chamber as a Nigerian Senator?

what’s really the proviso between the Nigerian Legislators and corrupt practices? How can a serving senator be seen assaulting a fellow citizen without been punished?

The panel that was set by the Senate to investigate his alleged assault case has not released any information on the matter.

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The Senate should learn from the case in Akwa Ibom State, a Local Government Chairman suspended over the same crime with Sen. Abbo, which the Chairman wasn’t even directly in the picture.

The way Nigeria’s Senate is romancing with threatening issues concerning the masses is so alarm and its jeopardizing the future of Nigeria.

Sen. Elisha Abbo

In the Western countries, if a serving Legislator should fall such victim, the best option is resignation for fear of impeachment, but here in Nigeria, we pamper offenders, most especially if he’s from the regnant trait.

The Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly has exhibited an exemplary quality by effectively defending the people they’re representing and its worthy of emulation.

However, when curbing corruption, it should be applicable to every class of persons for the sake of fairness and equality.

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For Senator Abbo to walk freely, after such act of cruelty, is a national disgrace and flaunting our nakedness to the world. At this point of time, every Nigerian wants to see “Senator Elisha Suspended By The Senate” in the national dailies, Every Nigerian wants to see him punished by the Senate not just a court case which uncannily is influenced by immunity.



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