Osama Bin Ladin’s Son, Hamza Ladin Confirmed Dead By US Intelligence Report

Hamza Bin Laden, the son of al-Qaeda founder Osama Bin Laden, died in an air strike, US intelligence officials.

                   Hamza Osama Bin Ladin

Although the date and place of death is unclear, but his death is very certain said US force.

In February, the US government offered the of sum of $1m (£825,000) for any genuine information leading to his capture.

The death of Hamza Osama Bin Ladin was widely reported by US reputable media sources including NBC News, the New York Times and CNN, citing unnamed US intelligence officials.

Bin Laden was seen as an emerging leader of al-Qaeda. The reports say he was killed in a military operation in the last two years and the US government was involved, but the exact date and time were unclear.

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President Donald Trump declined to comment when questioned by reporters on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, No official report from Al-Qaeda. Thus, supporters of the Islamic militant groups are silent waiting for reports from the leaders.


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