Alhaji  Hamisu Wadume, a high-profile kidnap kingpin in Taraba State was arrested on the 20th of August by the Nigerian Police.

Wadume has accused the All Progressive Party APC of paying him 13 million naira to carry out crimes.

Although the party has disclaimed the accusation asking the Kidnapper kingpin to rather mention the person who paid him the 13 million naira.

Recently, Photos of Waduma with some APC and PDP politicians is going viral on the social media. One is wondering if they are the sponsors of the Alhaji Kidnapper.

Hamisu Wadume has been seen taking photos with the Taraba State Governorship candidate, Sani Abubakar and with PDP member in the Federal House of Representatives.


Kidnapper Wadume and APC Candidate Ali Abubakar
Waduma With PDP Member in the House of Reps

Wadume is said to be a millionaire, He has made millions out of kidnapping and other crimes.

He was arrested before now but was freed by the Nigerian Army who killed three (3) Police officers at the spot and one (1) civilian while trying the free the millionaire kidnapper.

His arrest is hoping to help the police get more information about the incident. Meanwhile, Wadume has indicted many Army officers.

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