Thousands of South African nationals were seen trooping out in the streets of South Africa singing an apology songs.

Just few hours after the South African President Cyril Ramaphosa took to the stage at Robert Mugabe’s funeral service to apologize for the acts of violence by South Africans against foreigner, the citizen has come out en masse to openly apologize to all foreigners directly or indirectly affected by the attacks.

The citizens chanting in zulu languages, expressed the heart felt remorse over the recent killings of foreigners and destruction of their properties in South Africa.

They said, “No more war, no more xenophobic attacks”, they also said they’re sorry, asking for an unconditional forgiveness, pleading for unity as well.

It could be recalled that, foreigners living and doing business in South Africa were attacked and killed in large numbers for no valid reason, although the Nigerian Embassy said “No Nigerian Lives was Lost, but we could recalled the death of one Nigerian Pius Ezekwem who was shot dead by the South African Police.

Meanwhile Air Peace has volunteered to convey some Nigerians who are willing to return to Nigeria, about 640 Nigerians had accepted to return to Nigeria for fear of being killed in South Africa.


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