A vehicle was reportedly somersaulted into the river along LNG road in Port Harcourt, Rivers State capital.

The incident which occurred yesterday the 16th of September, around 9:00pm has claimed the life of one person whom as the time of our report, wasn’t able to be identified.

The car had two persons in it, the driver and a passenger but the driver was able to escape after the car had landed deep inside the river.

An eye witness report says the driver was trying to overtake a long vehicle heavy duty truck when he lost control and dashed into the river.

He added that the driver swam out and scream alerting the neighborhood who came out to rescue the woman but all effort yield no positive results

Local divers in the area were seen diving in to search for the car and the woman but were unable to locate either of them that night.

Early this morning, our source gathered that large number of crowd were seen around the scene of the incident but non was able to dive in. After many hours of lamenting, a fisherman who was ignorant of the incident came through and was notified of the incident.

The fisherman dived into the water and came saying he has seen the vehicle and a woman inside, it was after then that some marine security operatives arrived.

The marine operatives signaled some rescue team, and Julius Berger Company sent in their crane to help lift the car out of the river.

However, Julius Berger company had helped remove the vehicle and the woman was seen dead inside the car, a staff of Julius Berger said the company rendered the services voluntarily.

Our source noticed that, LNG Company has its headquarters situated by the river but refused the render services claiming ignorance.

Workers with NLG were seen going about their normal routines despite pleas by the people who surrounded the scene seeking for help.

A staff of LNG who came around described the company has “witch” when he was asked why they refused rendering their little services to help a life.

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