Gracious David West, a Port Harcourt man who enjoys killing young women in hotels was arrested by the police along Ogoni road on his way to Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

West had made useful confessions to the police immediately he was arrested and taken to the Rivers state police headquarters.

Although he had blamed his actions on an unknown forces, he also said he do feel sober each time he had carried out his deadly actions as he had once confessed to a pastor where he was seeking deliverance.

The 32 year-old man is said to belong to a deadly cult group called De-Gbam but explained the confraternity had nothing to do with his actions.

David West Confessions

Immediately he arrived the police station in chains, and was brought before the Commissioner of Police Mustapha Dandaura , the police commissioner called him by his name and he responded saying, “Yes Sir, I will confess, I want no problem.”

“While a victim is sleeping, I will put the kitchen knife on her neck and ask her not to shout. I would threaten to kill her if she shouts. So out of fear, she would not shout and I would tell her that I would not kill her if she cooperates.

“I would tear the pillowcase and tie their hands and legs and strangle them. While this was going on, some of them would tell me that they had money in their accounts.”

“After confirming how much they had in their accounts, I would collect the pin numbers and at daybreak when I must have killed them, I would go to ATM and collect the money in the account,” David Explained.

“I killed her in Pachik Hotel after we left the club that night, we checked in together and I left her to go buy food that we’ll eat, after she had slept, in the morning I woke her up with knife in her throat and asked her not to shout. She cooperated because she was afraid, so I tied her up with white clothes i tore from the pillow.”

“I used to get their phones and sold them at waters at give away price to avoid avoid the police or anybody from reach their families.” He added.

“I have killed five girls in Port Harcourt, one in Owerri and one in Lagos. I started the killing in Lagos; that was where I got N52,000. After that, I went to Port Harcourt, then to Owerri. I returned to Port Harcourt and the last woman I met was at a club,” he said.


“After realizing my sins, I sought spiritual intervention in a church. I told the pastor that I have been killing girls in hotels and the pastor said that they had a crusade program and invited me to see the senior pastor but I waited and couldn’t see him.

“So, I left the church and went back and checked into a hotel. Seriously, I don’t know what makes me to kill; whenever it comes on me, that is when I kill, later I regret and feel sober but after a while, I would go and kill again.”

“I used the money I got from the girls to pay for the hotels I lodge with my next victim.” He said.

The Police Commissioner had thanked men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad and the public for working together to hep the police apprehend the prime suspect.



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