Police has arrested one Mr Adeyemi Eniola feranmi,in Ekiti state for deceiving and defrauding corps members by acting as a lawyer on social media/Facebook According to DSP Ikechukwu who affirms the arrest on Monday, the suspect was said to have been unlawfully rendering legal services to the public as a coordinator of a non governmental organization

“Following July 2019, The suspect Adeyemi Eniola Feranmi, who happens to be a native of Ayetoro- Gbede in Yagba, Kogi State posted himself on social media (Facebook )as a legal practitioner in legal practitioner’s regalia, which he used as a display profile (DP)”

“He falsely represented himself as the coordinator of an NGO tagged “Total Motivation Network” in Nigeria. Under the false pretense of rendering legal services, he has defrauded several persons of their hard-earned money. Among the victims are Miss Buhari Safurat Temitope ‘f’ a youth corper, Mr Steve Rose Ayokunle, Omisore Eniosi Funmilayo ‘f’ and madam Oke Bamidele. Some other persons paid several thousands of Naira to Adeyemi Eniola Feranmi on behalf of assisting an NGO coordinated by the suspect. The suspect confessed to the crime and will be charged to court at the end of police investigation,”

The suspect further confessed to have committed the crime and will be charged to court after the police investigation
DSP Caleb Ikechukwu, advised the people to be careful or better avoid interaction/communication with unknown people on social media platforms so as to not become a victim to such a crime as that has be come a new way of cyber crime among the young people of now

Defrauding fellow human on social media has become more easier that so many people finds it less stressful/simple ways of making money without any referral or setback forgetting the implications of this so called crime if being caught by the police, it is advisable to make a u turn if you find yourself in this type of illegal practices to avoid being a visitor in the custody because the police command wouldn’t find it funny with any one being involved with this type of case if duly investigated

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