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The Pentecostal Assemblies of Zimbabwe Upper Room Ministries (PAOZ) is in great grief as the Senior Leader of the church Bishop Barry Dambaza, was said to had committed suicide.

The sad event which took place on Monday was confirmed by the Church’s Spokesman, Revd, Craig Ndoro, The Late clergy jumped from a four storey building and died at the spot.

Although the Bishop was said to had been facing controversial issues over his wife cheating on him but the news was debunked by the family spokesman and the church’s spokesman as well.

“Bishop Dambaza’s wife of over 30 years was not cheating on him, and no, he did not find her in a compromising position in the office. We’re not sure who has been generating these rumors, and spreading them. They are very hurtful not just to the family but the church as well. Bishop Dambaza touched many lives in Zimbabwe and internationally, perhaps that’s why we have rumors flying quicker than facts. But those that know him, his wife and children know that no such issues are true, and that gives us a bit of comfort.” Rev’d. Ndoro Said.

The family of the late Bishop was undoubtedly in the face of the public as his wife, Mrs Sithembeni Dambaza was also accused of infidelity but she said the family wasn’t worried those rumors spread on the social media and was ready to take legal actions against the accusers.

Mrs Danbaza said, “I was not interested in following what was being posted on social media although someone wanted to share that with me. I just became emotional and promised to take legal action about it.”

She also added that the mother inlaw (Bishop Barry’s mother) was ill and she was always at home attending to her,explaining the that the sick mother has also died after receiving news of son’s death.

“People who know me know that whenever I stand on a pulpit to preach, I am not that kind of a person who is of loose morals. In fact my job is to correct what is not right and to rebuke what needs to be rebuked. That is me and my husband was different from me. If people tell you different stories it’s not true. I was not there when my husband passed on. I was attending to my mother-in-law.” She Added.

Mrs. Barry told newsmen that they were also involved in a car accident with an unregistered vehicle the day before the husband’s death and the husband was seriously assaulted in the scene of accident.

The late Bishop which before his death was the Provincial Overseer and a Bishop in charge of Finance, Administration, Evangelism and Church Planting with his church group but he had been worried over his personal finances.

The Family spokesman, Tonderayi Ian Chimhuwa, who is the late Bishop’s brother said the family has a traits of suicide, stressing far back to their great-grand father.

“For your family, please plead his protection from controversial deaths, the death that saw our great grandfather drown in a river. Your grandfather Dambaza was also found hanging himself from a slippery and tall gum tree just after independence. Your sister also perished in that fatal accident in Harare, 200 meters before her destination.” Chimhuwa said.

The wife said that she loved her husband so much, with whom she had four children, very much,as she mourns.

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