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Why is this Man Called the Wonder Man of Onitsha Market Inferno?

The popular Onitsha market was set ablaze after a petrol tanker rammed into a building along Iweke road.

The inferno which destroyed lives and properties of business owners in the market was said to had lasted for many hours without being controlled by the Fire service operators.

Before the arrival of the fire service operatives, some people seen doing wonderful things which was risky just to protect some lives and properties in the market, one of them is Ekene Iwuoha.

One of the popular faces around the Ochanja market known as Eken Iwuoha went against all odds to rescue some persons dead and alive including properties that were trap in a burning building that was about to collapse, reports says.

Many thought Ekene was dead has the situation was beyond any man’s survival but Ekene was seen coming out alive after retrieving humans and goods from the building.

People who witnessed Ekene’s super tactics celebrated him after coming out alive, calling him the Hero of the hour.




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