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Did You Know That Chronic Neck Pain Could be a Symptom of HIV? Here Are The Early Symptoms!

Neck pain is a common ailment in human race, it could be strained from bad sleeping or resting posture, some people experience neck pains as one of the symptoms of malaria, while some experience it after sever work and bad reading posture. Osteoarthritis also is a common cause of neck pain.

Recently, researchers has discovered that most chronic neck pains comes as a result of HIV contact, it is advisable to contact your doctor if you’ve had any recent unprotected sex or contact with needles from someone you can’t attest to his/her HIV status.

Many people who are infected with HIV and AIDS experience flu-like symptoms, sometimes described as the “worse flu ever.” There are between nine and sixteen different symptoms experienced by people living with HIV and AIDS.

Most HIV patients don’t experience symptoms, especially in the early stages but chronic neck pain can be a sign that something is gravely wrong.

If you experience next pains that last for more than three weeks, you don’t have to keep it to yourself, there’s need to consult your doctor for checkups.

Results shows that the most common symptoms of HIV recently is chronic neck pains, regular fever and severe headache.

nevertheless, some people don’t even experience any symptoms after contacting the deadly disease, hence, they live with it for long and spread even without knowing. So, it is advisable to protect yourself when having sex or abstain for sex if you can’t keep one partner.

It is wrong to assume your status, assuming your HIV status could get you more sick than a confirmed HIV patient, so if you feel any ailment that’s likened to HIV symptoms, kindly consult the nearest medical centers to conduct a test on your HIV status.

Moreover, it is advisable to conduct more than one test on your status  before concluding if you’re negative or positive.

Note, being an HIV patient isn’t the end of life, research shows that, people living with HIV AIDS can live even longer if the follow up with their Antiretroviral therapy.

Pregnant women can deliver their babies without transferring the disease to their babies but must not breast feed the baby.


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