Audi, a Volkswagen owned automobile company, established in 1969, has invented a new auto experience.

Audi A9 is amazing automobile that will change the face of automobile industries as other car manufacturers will join latest inventions to meet up with the dispensation demand.

Audi A9, Designed by Daniel Garcia, a Spanish designer said he got the inspiration from Santiago Calatrava’s buildings in his hometown of Valencia.

Calatrava’s architectural design is one the most wonderful architectural designs in the world.


The new A9’s styling will be inspired by the elegant Prologue Concept car. Not only will it boast similarly slinky proportions, but it could be offered as a four-door saloon and a stylish shooting brake estate alongside a conventional two-door coupe.

Audi plans to equip the new A9 with three electric motors one driving the front wheels and two acting on the rear, powered by a 95kWh battery pack.

Not only should this drive-train offer an impressive 310-mile range, but mounting the batteries beneath the floor will allow Audi to offer the A9 with wireless charging capabilities.

This technology uses inductive charging plates built into dedicated parking bays to replace a typical charging cable – similar to modern wireless phone chargers.

The A9 will reportedly come with more advanced autonomous driving capabilities than any car the German manufacturer currently offers.

Rupert Stadler, Audi’s CEO, has confirmed the Q6 e-tron will be capable of reaching 62mph from rest in just 4.1 seconds and power its way to an electronically limited 131mph. We expect the A9 to be slightly faster, however, thanks to its more aerodynamic body and potentially lighter weight.

The most amazing feature of the Audi A9 is that, it can repair itself and change colour respectively.

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