FULL VIDEO: Why Mike Hughes Rocket Crashed While Proving Flat Earth

Mike Hughes, a self-made astronaut has reportedly killed himself while trying to prove the status of the earth.

The dare-devil Mike Hughes has been curious of the recent theory has been trying to find evidence for years now.

Flat-earther Mike Hughes dies at 64 after crash-landing his homemade steam-powered rocket during a launch in California.

Ibom Rant had reported that the rocket crashed in the air 48 seconds after launch falling back down to the ground as shrieks from horrified spectators are heard in the b ackground before it crashes.

Homemade Astronauts, a new TV show which is set to air in Discovery channel had recorded the incident live.

Investigations shows that the rocket crashed because of some technical issues.

Hughes, whose crew wasn’t expert in the field but dared to put in their best to reach space were not able to detect the technical issue before the rocket took off.

It is also observed that the parachute was the first to detach itself from the rocket thus causing further harm.

Hughes would have been save but nothing was available to help him land safely.

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